07/12/2021 – Book to Random Strangers

I self-published Doggies in 2013. It didn’t sell out and it was time to say goodbye to the remaining copies. Instead of putting them in a skip I sent 100 copies to random addresses. Every destination had a dog related word somewhere in the address. I hope the recipients will enjoy the book and if not, that they pass it on to someone who does.

17/04/2020 – Getting to know the Neighbours

I got to know the neighbours a bit better last week, here is an impression

20/08/2019 – Portrait of Humanity

The image I shot of Gillian recently made it into the Portrait of Humanity book :) 

17/04/2019 – New Forest

Not an awful lot to mention, but I’m slowly getting back on track with shooting and though it would be nice to post a picture of a beautiful horse, shot in the New Forest last year. 

23/03/2018 – Pretty Rain

Just an image I really like… it can also be seen here.

29/08/2017 – Portrait of Britain

This is the wonderful Gillian, an Irish lady who lives around the corner from me and who was kind enough to sit for me. This image has been selected to feature in the Portrait of Britain exhibition that will be shown on advertising boards all across the UK for the whole month of September. 

27/08/2017 – Renaissance Photography Prize

Both these image will feature in the exhibition showing in the Getty Images Gallery as they’ve made it in the final selection for the Renaissance Photography Prize. The show will be on from 10 until 21 October this year, come and see!

20/07/2017 – Burnt Wood

I’ve added a new and possible ongoing series to my website, ‘Burnt Wood‘. For the story and more images, CLICK HERE.

29/06/2017 – Portraits

I’ve just added a number of new portraits to the portrait section, this is Iseline. 

21/05/2017 – Take a Look at Yourself

The Take a Look at Yourself project is still very much ongoing but I’ve decided to publish a small selection of the image here, so one has an idea of what it’s about. And new sitters are still welcome, just send me an email!