Around the summer of 2008 I found myself doing to much work for money. Money is very useful so I didn’t mind that, but I did mind that I didn’t have time to get out and take pictures anymore. I decided I’d have to find a way to do both so I put an ad out on Gumtree – a website where people can post requests, look for things, get rid of things, whatever.

The first ad read:

Hi all,

I’m a photographer looking for a few simple portraits to add to my portfolio. I work from home(E2, near Bethnal Green tube station) and a session would take up to one hour. Any age and male or female are welcome, but please email me a picture of yourself first.

This is not a commercial shoot so you won’t get paid and you don’t have to pay me either. I’ll end up with a nice picture for my book and you will end up with a nice portrait for yourself or your book. To find my website google my name and my site is the first link there – unfortunately I can’t put links in here….


Sipke Visser


And a bit later:

Hi all,

Recently I was looking for new faces on Gumtree and I ended up photographing 10 people. It’s become a bit of a project which I now call:

‘Who is on Gumtree?’

 So again, anyone of any age, male or female, who is interested in having their portrait taken, please let me know. There is no money involved, you get a free portrait. A session takes about an hour and is in Bethnal Green, at my place, near the tube station.

For examples of my work, visit