‘Take a Look at Yourself’ is an ongoing project. I started this in 2014, but as I’m writing this in August of 2017, I’m still happy to photograph anyone who wants to be photographed. 


The project might be seen as a bit of a response to the selfie taking on mobile phone that sometimes almost seems obsessive. And no judgment, I do it myself, and it can be fun. But for this project I’ve been photographing people on a very old sheet film camera. The reason for this is to slow things down. 


The sitter then receives a fine art print and they’re asked to have a really good look at it,  and write what they see/feel/think and on the original print. The result has become a large series of beautiful, touching, sometimes emotional or funny portraits. So far I’ve shot over a 100 people for this and have received over 96 images back.