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Sipke Visser grew up in Leeuwarden in the north of the Netherlands and via several detours (the main one being Amsterdam) he ended up in Walthamstow, London – where he currently resides. The running theme in Sipke’s work are the strangers around him. He aims to photograph those intimate moments when people are immersed in themselves or with each other. One way or another he draws them into his work. Bits and pieces of this are visible in his Sort of Diary, the website Sipke started when he moved to London from Amsterdam in 2005 to start a life in photography. A Sort of Diary is a visual outlet for what has kept him busy over the years. Not quite a blog, not quite a website, more a …. sort of diary. His eye for a great off-beat moment, combined with humorous comments and observations on the friends, family and strangers (not to mention animals) in the photos leave you feeling as though you’ve come to know him personally.



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